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Creating a Character

For the Directors and Producers,

Makeup can be pivotal in creating the Character your story revolves around, so it's important to work with a makeup artist that understands continuity, storytelling, lighting, 1080 vs. 4k, warm or cool filters, and how to work on a professional set. I know how to wrangle talent, work with kids, design and execute effects, and how to maintain zen vibes. If you are looking for an On-Set-Mommy, you have just struck gold.


Are you the quiet pensive type? Loud and collaborative? I can handle both. Do you think my 5 mins actually means 5 mins? I love working with reasonable humans. I'm your girl. Let's create your story.

A deposit is required to reserve your date and project. Minimum fees, early day rates, holiday up-charges, and travel fees will apply. Please include as many details as possible for a quote.

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